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Founded in 2012, Big Data Partnership is EMEA’s leading big data specialist solution provider. We are based in the UK, though with an international client-base.  We offer those clients a combination of Consulting, Implementation, Training and Support Services to help them unlock the value in complex data. Our team includes industry experts and thought leaders in all the major Big Data technologies. Big Data Partnership has the knowledge and experience necessary to Discover, Develop & Deliver scalable, reliable Big Data solutions that drive high-impact results for our clients. Big Data Partnership is venture-funded by Beringea LLP.

Industry analysts consistently predict dizzying growth rates for Big Data and analytics spend, and new sources of available data to exploit are growing even more rapidly. This presents major opportunities – and challenges – to organizations of all sizes, and the need to respond has never been greater as the gap opens between successful adopters of Big Data technology and laggards.

In response to all this change, the landscape of Big Data technologies, evolves and step-changes almost as rapidly. To meet the Big Data challenge, organizations need to have deep understanding, at their fingertips, of emerging technologies and how they are applied to real-world use cases. Quality of organizational understanding is a major factor in an enterprise’s ability to create value from Big Data and to deal with tomorrow’s challenges today.

Successful Big Data solutions emerge only as a result of expert navigation through the discovery, development of delivery stages of an organization’s Big Data journey. Sustained success then depends on the skills to maintain, grow and support those solutions. Big Data Partnership’s full lifecycle offering, allows us to help our clients as they:

> Discover the strategic potential Big Data value;
> Develop proof of the ROI of Big Data investments;
> Deliver enterprise-hardened solutions to realise that return.

Our consultants are vendor-certified on many technologies and have worked extensively and successfully with many Big Data platforms and toolsets, including all the major Apache Hadoop distributions, Elasticsearch, Apache Spark, Apache Storm, Apache Cassandra, Couchbase and other NoSQL platforms. Our Support and Training capabilities allow us to continue to add value as organizations take control of their growing Big Data portfolio.



Big Data Partnership is a unique organization that combines breadth of coverage and depth of knowledge. We can do this because we are focused on just one problem space – Big Data. It is a problem space that is the subject of an enormous amount of hype, but that is because it is a space that offers tremendous opportunities for successful adopters. Our clients value our ability to cut through the hype and vendor FUD to bring sound advice, effective implementation and to support them through the full lifecycle.

To help optimize technology investments, Big Data Partnership offers complete solutions that include professional services, technical support, and training.



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