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Apache Cassandra Support


Big Data Partnership has the skills and the reach to provide your Cassandra support, but also, we try that little bit harder. For us, every customer should be a reference customer who is proud of us as a supplier and whom we are proud to support.

We have skilled support engineers online 24×7. Every time we take a support call, we route it to the right engineer. Our aim is to provide the fastest and most painless resolution we can, within the agreed service levels. An engineer will engage with you as quickly as possible and they deal with you directly – until the resolution of the ticket. Our support team includes Apache Cassandra contributors, including committer contribution. We do not keep our contributors out of support and attempt to deliver with second tier staff. You connect directly with the best.

Development, Testing and Production Support Services

During Development your team will need access to the experts. So we offer free support through our customer web portal.

In Production you need the highest level of service, which we deliver as a subscription, based on number of nodes supported, with volume discount breaks factored into the pricing.

If you need support for the Transition from Development to Production (Test & Staging), we offer a third, intermediary, level of support with lower subscriptions and service levels than Production support.

End-to-End Ticket Management

We use the industry-standard P1 through to P4 taxonomy of criticality and match our service levels to the impact on your business accordingly. Our engineers are available and our processes are transparent. You always know where we are on your issue and you know what we are doing about it. We will match onto your organizational structure to make sure appropriate reporting happens at the appropriate levels. Whilst we cannot auto-magically find and fix all bugs instantly, we won’t lose sight of how important each issue is.

Health-Check & Kick-Start

We always recommend a Health-Check engagement before production deployment.

For less-experienced teams embarking on a Cassandra project, we also recommend a two-stage, Kick-Start engagement in which our experts will help you over those key early stages, such as cluster configuration and data modelling, and then come back a week or two later, to assess and fine tune early progress.

Our customers confirm the value of Health-Check and Kick-Start engagements. That is why we include a pre-production Health Check in all Production support agreements. And we include a Kick-Start engagement for organizations that commit, at the beginning of a project, to Production support later.


Not just Cassandra

In addition to our Support business, our consultants implement real-world applications for our clients on a wide variety of Big Data technologies. We have an unparalleled Big Data skills base. Big Data technology providers typically seek us out to be their first certified as training and delivery partners. Our Cassandra engineers are part of this skills pool and can draw on it. This can be critical in identifying where an issue is really located. A support organisation solely focused on Cassandra can only tell you “not our problem�? if the issue is not traceable to Cassandra. Our engineers know enough to go that extra step, and provide the vital pointers about where the issue really resides



Apache Cassandra Support Service Offering

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