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Apache Spark Training

Certified Databricks Training

Introduction to Apache Spark Workshop

Course Duration: 1 day

This one day session, developed by Databricks, features a mix of hands-on technical exercises, brief lectures, demos, and case studies – structured to get developers up to speed leveraging Apache Spark for a range of use cases.


> Overview of Big Data and Spark
> Installing Spark Locally
> Using Spark’s Core APIs in Scala, Java, & Python
> Building Spark Applications
> Deploying on a Big Data Cluster
> Combining SQL, Machine Learning, and Streaming for Unified Pipelines

Target Audience

This class is intended for developers who have some background developing apps in Java, Python, or Scala, but are not already familiar with Spark.


This course is a one-day workshop.

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On-site Training

In addition to the publicly-listed training events, we also provide private training on-site Apache Spark training. If you’d like to arrange an on-site training session, please contact us.

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