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Consultancy & Development Team Support


With Big Data Partnership development team support, your architects, developers and system engineers can get the technical help they need when they need it most.

Reduce the need for on-the-job training with this conveniently packaged support offering based on pre-purchased consulting hours that can be used typically within six months of signing up.


Supporting Your Development Team

Development support is a pre-planned support pack that allows clients to benefit from Big Data Partnership expertise on an ad-hoc basis.  Customers can draw on our expertise in any combination of:

> Consultancy about what Big Data technologies to consider for their use case, and why

> Big Data architectural design and validation, by injecting key skills to kick start the project

> DevOps for Big Data technologies, to free client staff to focus on business needs

> Data science consultancy, to help turn needs into appropriate algorithms to deliver insights.


Responsive and Appropriate Support for Your Project

Big Data Partnership provides a service level agreement to respond to new requests for resources within two working days. And we will assign the appropriate resource to the project as swiftly as possible. If the project burns down the planned resources more quickly than anticipated we can expand the package.

Because the Big Data Partnership engagement technical lead is always up to date with project progress they will pro-actively share any concerns they might have about unresolved issues though, of course, this is in an advisor role. Project control and management remains with you the client, with Big Data Partnership delivering as much or as little support and assistance as the project team needs.

Our success is measured by your success.


Consultancy & Development Team Support Service Offering

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