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Big Data Partnership fully believes that close collaboration with clients is the most effective way to produce meaningful results and ROI. Big Data Partnership Consultants have the experience and expertise required to support customers during all phases of a big data project. Therefore we offer a full range of services that help our clients at whatever stage they are at.


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We help you Discover why and how to become a truly data-driven organisation

As enterprises move into a new age for data analytics, companies often struggle to identify where, in their large data architecture, Big Data software and techniques can best be used. Big Data Partnership helps organisations understand where the most valuable use cases are, by conducting short, workshop engagements. These are typically 2-5 days long and help to identify where Big Data analytics could drive greater insight and ROI. They also provide a rapid educational boost on what Big Data technologies are available and what they do.

Our consultants provide knowledge, experience and assistance with:

> Defining Big Data strategy
> Identifying use cases where big data analytics could help drive insight and business value
> Education on tools & technologies available
> Application design and architecture services


We work with you to Develop and prove the value of this approach

Even with solid use cases and a good understanding of where Big Data software and techniques can help businesses, it is not always easy to prove that model and commit the necessary investment to really make the positive transformation in an organisation. Our recommended way of doing this is to take a single use case, and develop a Proof-of-Concept implementation to deliver the predicted ROI and business benefit and to validate the technology. This level of engagement is typically a month long and helps businesses to take the first step towards Big Data exploitation and to understand where the ROI lies.

Combining Engineering & Data Science, our consultant work with your team and assist with:

> Review existing hardware requirements (including cloud vs on-premise)
> Design pilot system using most appropriate big data technologies
> Install and configure platform and all necessary ecosystem tools, integrating best-practice for effective performance
> Develop limited-scope functionality, showcasing the value of big data with your initial data set and workflow
> Apply data science & machine-learning techniques to drive real-world insight and value.


We Deliver cost effective solutions which exploit faster and more scalable technology

Big Data Partnership help enterprises to fully realise their Big Data initiatives by offering fixed-price and day-based consultancy to deliver full data analytics projects. We understand that each customer has different needs, so we tailor our approach to each client. Effective Big Data is not just about predetermined templates for business intelligence; it is about meaningful analysis and processing of information in a way that is relevant to the business. We have highly-skilled Data Scientists and very experienced Big Data Engineers who can help you make the most of your implementations and ensure the success of your Big Data projects.

Delivery engagements typically last a minimum of four weeks and may consist of the following activities:

> Review existing infrastructure including hardware, software and data flows
> Install & configure production-grade environments optimised and tuned for enterprise use
> Optimise platform, architecture, and team structure for production
> Develop and deploy enterprise-grade production-ready strategic modern data solutions
> Drive and embed change



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