NoSQL Technology Training Courses

Apache Cassandra DevOps

Course Duration: 3 days

This three day vendor agnostic Apache Cassandra course is a hybrid for developers and administration staff. The class is 60% lecture and 40% labs with topics covered including: intro to Cassandra, architecture fundamentals, intro to CQL, scaling Cassandra, advanced CQL, YAML file, database internals, Java or Python API and advanced concepts. 
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Introduction to Apache Spark Workshop

Course Duration: 1 day

This one day session, developed by Databricks, features a mix of hands-on technical exercises, brief lectures, demos, and case studies – structured to get developers up to speed leveraging Apache Spark for a range of use cases.

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Couchbase NoSQL Server Administration

Course Duration: 4 days

A 4-day hands-on practical course in deploying and managing Couchbase Server clusters for core NoSQL database use-cases and workloads. Students learn and practice the main architectural concepts and procedures an administrator needs to know to operate Couchbase Server for real-time OLTP enterprise workloads.
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Developing Couchbase NoSQL Applications

Course Duration: 3 days

This course provides 3 days of progressive hands-on flight time building a working NoSQL web application. With a mix of instruction, demos and intensive programming labs, participants develop segments of an actual Couchbase NoSQL app that reflects typical use-cases for scalable NoSQL databases operating across the cloud. 
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This was an enjoyable and informative course; the instructor was not afraid to go off-script to better explain the more complex concepts.

— DemonWare —

Please contact us for any questions on NoSQL technology courses.

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